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COOK WITH US – here are the recipes:

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The Onigiri Show
Mikrodisko – Live on the Radio

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Sunday, Dec 13th 2020 — 17-21 CET (LEIPZIG) — 11AM-3PM ET (BOSTON) — 10AM-2PM CST (CHICAGO) — 8AM-12PM PT (SEATLLE)

The Onigiri Show

SOLI ONIGIRI street sale at japanische haus! eisenbahnstraße 113b, L! Sunday, Dec 13th, from 19h!!! we will donate all proceeds to MISSION LIFELINE sea life rescue.

Live radio show with BARBARA HOFMANN & PORPOISE (hosts), MIKRODISKO M14-D presentation of BOCAJ (berlin/denver) and VANYA (berlin) livesets, MRS. PEPSTEIN (street reporter), illousion [nebula/feat.fem/ifz crew] , MIX MUP (leipzig) livesets and guests, ONIGIRI COOKING SHOW with RECIPES RELEASE

Broadcasted by Radio Blau and Sphere Radio from Leipzig, WNUR Chicago, Datafruits Seattle, Groove Café Boston, Internet Public Radio Guadalajara, Main Drain Studios Chicago (thx to m50 for hosting us)

  • Radio Blau Leipzig: 99,2 FM (South), 94,4 FM (North West) and 89,2 FM (North East) + Stream
  • WNUR Chicago: 89.3 FM + Stream

SINCE THE ONIGIRI SHOW IS A COOKING SHOW, YOU CAN COOK WITH US ON THE RADIO!!! Be prepared with all the stuff you need, here is your shopping list!

DA DIE ONIGIRI SHOW EINE ECHTE KOCH-SHOW IST, KANNST DU MIT UNS AM RADIO KOCHEN!!! Sei bereit mit allen Sachen, die Du brauchst – hier ist die Einkaufsliste!

  • 1 kg Sushireis/sushi rice
  • Reisessig/rice vinegar
  • Sojasoße/soy sauce
  • Misopaste/miso paste
  • 15-18 Noriblätter/nori leaves
  • mindestens 100g Mayonnaise or vegan alternative
  • 1 Kohlrabi/cabbage turnip
  • 1 Chilischote/chili pepper
  • 1 Ingwer/ginger
  • 2 Möhren/carrots
  • 2-3 Zehen Knoblauch/garlic
  • mindestens 150g Studierendenfutter/trail mix
  • mindestens 100g Erdnussbutter/peanut butter

  • großer Kochtopf (oder Reiskocher)
  • Schüsseln
  • scharfes Messer
  • Klarsichtfolie
  • 1 Frischhaltetüte
  • large saucepan (or rice cooker)
  • bowls
  • sharp knife
  • cling film
  • 1 clean plastic bag

+ 1 radio

Credits: Onigiri on canvas: Murat Önen. Radio Jingle: Samo Rane + Volt CTRL. Technik IfZ: Nino, Krausi. Technik Blau: Markus, Ralf. Technik etc radio/WNUR: m50. Onigiri Catering: Japanisches Haus Leipzig (Mayuko). Social Media Coordinator: Falk. Screen: Amer. Stream: Markus/riotvan. IfZ communication: Jasmin, Alex. Best Boy: Fredex. Webseite: Marcy. Tokio represantive: Yori. Mastering MadPremium. Onigiri Experiments: Doro, Nadine, Yori, Falk, Lolo, Marko, Gwen, Lisa, Jérémy. Food Stylists: Alice und Leon. Jingle voices: Weasel, Max. Onigiri-comic: Nozomi.

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Mikrodisko M14-D Release
Mikro Onigiri I – III (V.A.)
December 13th, 2020

Mikrodisko M14-D Digital Release

Onigiri are popular everywhere as they are easy to carry around and taste delicious. These filled rice balls are the perfect Mikro-Food: two onigiri can fit in even the smallest of fanny packs! It’s good to have them on hand while dancing the night through in the Mikrodisko.

For M14-D, three new onigiri recipes were invented in experimental meetings. It will be tons of fun to create these onigiris together in cute little rounds. The warm and freshly prepared rice is formed by hand into little balls or tetrahedrons. A kilo of rice produces around 15-18 rice balls, which is enough for 4-5 people. If you double the ingredients, you can produce a stockpile of onigiri. You will desperately need it.

The onigiri set to sound:

  • I - Vanya – Cruise By The Lake
  • II - Bocaj – In Time Of Need
  • III - Bocaj – We Are Endless

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green dark room

Rhythm and movement around you.
Your nose sensing the smell of sweat.
A hairy arm, or a leg, touching you.
Did you notice anything? the officer asked.
Where did you wear your wallet? the officer asked.
You never know what happens in the dark.
You could get fucked in the dark.
That's why you go into the dark.

music for darkrooms mix #1

Music for darkrooms is a mix series dedicated to these red lit rooms where body interaction is processed. It is Mikrodisko’s invitation to sound the depth, dim the gravity and space the freedom of the dark. We believe in acoustic penetration as an act of humanity.

The first mix of Music for darkrooms comes from Tom Pascalis. It was recorded at Hot Club Zürich, Switzerland in October, 2018. Here, in the Werkstatt at Koch Areal the darkroom for the first time ever at Hot Club turned into a separate floor with a DJ line up all night long. The title “Take Off Your Masc And Show Me Your Heart” refers to the topic of the event, which explored the phenomenon of “hypermasculinity” on poetic, aesthetic and audio/visual ways.

For Tom, poly|motion resident DJ at ://about blank Berlin, the minus 8 pitch-down of conventional turntables is far from enough. Besides filling dark floors with his slowed-down sets, he works on light objects on other days. His favourite cruising spot is the public park in the dark.

Mikrodisko Music for Darkrooms #1 by Tom Pascalis, Berlin (played in the darkroom of hot club, Oct 2018)

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